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Weeks ago, Nigerians were elated to hear that a Nollywood actress had made her Hollywood debut in Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War”. The excitement was short-lived after it was discovered to be a fluke. However, Nigeria finally got a stake in a Marvel Studios film with the release of one of 2018’s... Continue Reading »

Located in the New Guinea in the Papua province of Indonesia lies the Asmat people. Although the meaning of Asmat is often disputed with some claiming it means man from tree while her neighbours, the Mimika, say the name means man-eater, the Asmat refer to themselves as Asmat-ow meaning real people. Asmat... Continue Reading »

The people of Ovahimba and Ovazimba tribes in the Kunene and Omusati regions in Northern Namibia have an upheld culture that has defied western influence and agitation. With a population of over 50,000, the women engage in the daily activity of milking their cows, taking care of the children and other... Continue Reading »

“I have learned more from Matthew than most other people I have met. Matthew understands that our potential is truly unlocked when we work together. His ideas on teaming and how networks work allow for entire groups of people to unleash their potential.” Matthew Barzun is arguably best known... Continue Reading »

Nigeria women’s bobsleigh team make breakthrough for Africa on ice,meet the Nigerian women who have done remarkably well as Africa’s first-ever Olympians in the event: Seun Adigun Am not a believer of “coincidence” – rather a God-fearing woman who understands the existence of a Higher... Continue Reading »

According to medical reports, the unborn baby had sacrococcygeal teratoma, a rare tumour that appeared at the base of the baby’s tailbone. These types of tumours, it is estimated, occur in about one of 40,000 pregnancies, and if left unchecked, could continue taking the baby’s blood supply and eventually... Continue Reading »

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My working visit to East Africa, Rwanda was enlightening. A beautiful country with several hills which led to its nickname ‘land of a thousand hills’. It is now a travel destination for many. Today,the name Rwanda is a reminder of a war, the genocide which killed several people. prior, to my visit,... Continue Reading »

According to Forbes, her real time Net Worth as of September 24, 2016, was $3.3 Billion. She’s Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest woman according to Forbes 2016 research. Her rise to stardom is a truism of John Mason’s assertion: “The world makes room for a person of purpose.” According... Continue Reading »

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