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The British House of Commons has listened to an Early day motion 808 for Biafra Independence. The motion was tabled on Thursday, December 3 by primary sponsor, Tom Elliott of the Ulster Unionist Party representing Fermanagh and South Tyrone constituency and co-sponsored by Danny Kinahan also of the same... Continue Reading »

Patience is an essential quality to have in order to build enduring connections with our children despite the exasperating challenges that parenting throws our way. Here are six ways for us to become more patient with our children. 1. Be flexible. Accept that things can happen in a different order than... Continue Reading »

Why I am Thankful

Sitting with my family at table having Supper after church on Sunday, was a normal pastime in our household. A period when everyone took turns telling stories and happenings during the past week. The stories were usually diverse with everyone recounting tales from outings, meetings, school runs and social... Continue Reading »

Reach Your Greatness

1. “In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are.” Search for yourself. Go beyond the surface. Learn what makes you tick. What motivates you? What challenges you? First find out who you are and then have the courage to stay true to what you find. 2. “Bottom line... Continue Reading »

Just couldn’t get past writing a letter to all singles particularly when I came across an article addressing the wahala, like they say here in Nigeria, a popular Nigerian blogger is facing from her fans because of her house and husband matter. She just acquired a house at N450m. The question on... Continue Reading »

7 Ways to Worry Less

1. “You wouldn’t worry about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” Eleanor Roosevelt. Worrying about what other people think about you is unproductive and illogical. Most people, most of the time, are thinking about themselves, not you. So don’t waste your... Continue Reading »

How happy are you? 1. They don’t avoid risk. Happy people are eager to try new things and venture into unfamiliar territory. They are willing to risk the comfort of certainty for the potential of growth. 2. They don’t seek everyone’s approval. Happy people don’t seek validation... Continue Reading »

Ten Ways to be Successful

If you want to be successful, one of the best things you can do is emulate other successful people. While every successful person has his or her own unique approach, there are a lot of common patterns you can find when you read their books and watch interviews and lectures. Here are 10 things that many... Continue Reading »

Good to be back!

Glad to be back after a long absence from the blogosphere. I must confess I did miss making contributions to mykrossroads which has become an outlet to thoughts and writings. Anyhow, as the days became months, I remembered only the moments” I took the time out to express views. Now, there is a... Continue Reading »

The truth about Giving

At Hope for life Initiative, our need to reach out and empower is a deep conviction that a better humanity is a possibility. It is not about repaying a good deed but about doing something for someone who cannot repay you. It is about either sponsoring a child’s education, visiting a sick person, encouraging... Continue Reading »

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